Sunday 18 April 2021

The Wife Who Got a Life by Tracy Bloom Blog Tour

 I adore reading a mixture of genres, some serious whilst others are more light-hearted.

In recent months I have turned to more comedic books, a source of comfort and happiness, which I'm sure I am not alone in needing at the moment.

An author that really knows how to lift your spirits is Tracy Bloom (no wonder she's award winning!). Her latest novel, The Wife Who Got a Life is a proper feel-good tale and I'm pleased to be the next stop on the blog tour.

Can Cathy Collins Ditch Cooking by spring?

Or Get a Life Outside the Family by summer?

Will her husband still be listening in October when it’s time to have a Really Important Chat?

And can she FALL IN LOVE AGAIN by December?

Cathy is left open-mouthed when her husband hijacks the family’s New Year resolutions and throws in a midlife bombshell, so after years of school drop-offs and housework, Cathy decides it’s time to take control of life before it takes control of her. She makes a list of monthly goals that she hopes will set her up for the coming of middle age.

Cathy soon realises that nailing the list isn’t quite as easy as it seems, but she’s a mum on a mission and nothing’s going to stop her now…

This story is hilarious and positively up-lifting.

Written as a sort of diary, we are introduced to Cathy Collins, a 48 year old wife and mother, who after being gifted a motivational diary from one of her sisters, is looking to make a few changes in her life. Her decision was also spurred on by the fact that her husband, Mike, had decided he'd like to change careers and become a teacher. Well what's good for one ....

Setting herself one goal per month, what happens along the way, well you couldn't make it up, unless you were Tracy Bloom that is.

The hilarious and uplifting new novel from the No.1 best-selling author of NO ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY

The goals themselves were mostly sensible, with a bit of humour added in:

JANUARY - Write the list!

FEBRUARY - Ditch Periods

MARCH - Ditch Cooking

APRIL- Get a Life Outside the Family, preferably with ‘Young’ People

MAY - Secure My Son’s Future – i.e. Put a Rocket Up His Arse

JUNE - Teach My Daughter How to Not Get Screwed Over by Relationships

JULY - Reduce My Carbohydrate Footprint

AUGUST - Agree Who Will Clean Mum and Dad’s Toilet

SEPTEMBER - Make the Necessary Announcements about the Menopause

OCTOBER - Have the Really, Really Important Chat with My Husband

NOVEMBER - Fall in Love Again

DECEMBER - Dance with Hugh Jackman

I cannot tell you how much I laughed - may have even pee'd a little.

There were so many times where I found myself nodding along. The conversations she had with her family, the kids reactions to things, certainly found myself thinking of my own children and when she had 'the chat' with Mike. I think I need to have such a moment with my husband too.

Tracy writes in a way that anyone can relate to at least part of what is being said. She manages to cover all sorts of topics from friendships, grief and cancer to depression, relationships and our ever changing bodies, all done in a way that is sensitive to the subject but without making the reader feel down. There is always a sense of hope and determination attached to it all.

THE WIFE WHO GOT A LIFE perfectly captures the joyous chaos of family life.

For me personally, it was as though I had a personal connection to the characters, they could have been friends that I was catching up with.

My favourite parts were reading the texts between Cathy and her two sisters. The banter, the sarcasm, the words spoken only in their heads. All hysterical and very sibling like.

Everything about The Wife Who Got a Life feels authentic and amusing.

I need tissues, not for doom and gloom but for all the crying I did as I literally cackled my through this novel.

It is an easy read with substance that really showcases the turbulence that can be family life. From arguing siblings, ageing parents and oblivious partners, there are no airs and graces in this book, just an abundance of lovable characters and laugh out loud moments, all showing us that perfection is overrated.

Now if you like what you've read, you can of course get your hands on The Wife Who Got a Life now, if however you want to read a bit more about it, follow the rest of the blog tour outlined below:


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