Wednesday 28 April 2021

The Wild Girls by Phoebe Morgan Blog Tour

 My love of books has always been very diverse because of this, I don't really have a favourite genre. I'm more of a 'when I am in the mood for a certain story' kind of girl.

However, if a thriller is waved under my nose I'm likely to pick it up quite rapidly. And that is exactly how I felt when I was given the chance to be a part of the blog tour for Phoebe Morgan's latest release, The Wild Girls.


It’s been years since Grace, Felicity, Alice and Hannah were together – The Wild Girls, as they were once called, are no longer so wild. Alice has settled with a new baby and partner. Hannah is now a teacher. Grace has gone to ground. Only Felicity seems to have the same spark she once had.

And now Felicity has invited them all on the weekend of a lifetime – a mini-break in South Africa to celebrate her birthday, a chance to put that night two years ago behind them, when things went so very wrong between them, and their bomb-proof friendship was shattered for ever.

But on arriving at the luxury safari lodge, a feeling of unease settles on Grace, Hannah and Alice. Felicity isn’t there to meet them. There’s no sign of the party she promised. The awful phone signal means that they are on their own, in the wild…

It’s a weekend with a difference. But who is hunting who?

Now I have to admit this early on, I hadn't read any of Phoebe's novels before this one - something that I will now be doing as soon as I have the chance - and this may give you a hint to my final thoughts on The Wild Girls.

In this deliciously dark tale we are introduced to four friends:

The Introvert, The Teacher, The Mother and The Birthday Girl.

Hannah, Grace and Alice are all invited on an expenses paid trip abroad by Felicity, who by all accounts used to be one of their closest friends until they all seemed to drift apart a couple of years earlier for reasons yet to be discovered.

Now that's living the dream, right? Who wouldn't want to go on a free holiday, especially when the destination is a safari lodge in Botswana. 

I'd go, no questions asked. 

And so do they, completely unsuspecting, looking forward to a time of reconciliation. But Deception Valley Lodges (now that's creepy) was laying in wait with a surprise that none of them wanted to be a part of.


The Wild Girls took me to a place that I wasn't expecting to go!

What I thought would be a journey of discovery and redemption turned into something quite murderous.

Told from the differing perspectives of Grace, Alice and Hannah, the details are slowly fed to us over two different time lines, the here and now and two years previous.

Sinister and atmospheric.

Secrets and lies catch up with a group of four women, all of which crave something more from the lives that they are currently living.

The new gripping crime thriller from No.1 digital bestselling author of The Doll House, The Girl Next Door, and The Babysitter.

What they find waiting for them in beautiful lodge in the middle of nowhere is actually the stuff of nightmares.

Their host, missing. Mysterious messages with a threatening undertone. Both creating a chilling setting. Although I will admit, I would have liked the author to utilise the surroundings a bit more, there was a lack of description of the scenery and location.

As things that they thought were buried come to the surface, what transpires is not what any of them were imagining.

It’s a weekend with a difference. But who is hunting who? 

Frightening friendships.

Passions and obsessions take over in this tale of betrayal and deception.

And that finale. Well I didn't see it coming. It did feel a tad speedy after the pacing of the rest of the book but that certainly didn't take away from its impact. I had my suspicions that certain people were more guilty than others but I couldn't have guessed what Phoebe wrote. Genius!

The Wild Girls will have you questioning just who you can trust!

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