Wednesday 12 May 2021

The Really Resilient Guide by Andry Anastasis McFarlane Blog Tour

 Everything has changed in the last year.

From how we interact with friends and family to where we are allowed to go and even when we can go to work. 

It has been a lot to contend with for everybody and as we navigate our way through a new normal, we all need to learn to be a bit more adaptable.

This is most definitely applicable when it comes to our places of work and there is where Andry Anastasis McFarlane is stepping in to help with their book, The Really Resilient Guide.


Drawing on real-life examples, executive coaching insights, emotional intelligence, global wellbeing research and solutions-focused approaches, The REALLY RESILIENT Guide blends compassionate yet reassuringly practical guidance, with 27 relevant, proven resilience-building techniques you can quickly and easily practise at home or at work.

Now let it be said, this book isn't here to replace medical advice, what the author provides is balanced opinions.

With Andry Anastasis McFarlane's REALLY RESILIENT approach, you’ll learn to navigate workplace adversity and embrace change.

Broken down into five chapters, this book is like a little. helping hand, ready to step in when you feel the need for change. Whether that's a switch in roles within a workplace, a certain challenge you might be setting yourself to achieve or perhaps trying to decide whether to go for a new career entirely.

Andry does a great job at putting the reader at ease.

In a world where we seemed to be riddled with stress and anxiety (and those that aren't can never understand it) we are often told to simply suck it up and get on with the job ahead of us. What's offered in this guide is a gentle understanding.

In this landscape, resilience is key to both surviving and thriving.

Within each chapter are a set of techniques to try and help improve not only resilience but mindsets and wellbeing too.

And what I really like is the fact that there isn't just a focus on the individual person in a workplace, there are methods provided for those that work in a team, and even those who perhaps freelance and don't necessarily have a specific place of work.

I think what makes this guide seem more realistic is the authors use of real-life experiences.

Surviving and thriving through change, uncertainty and adversity at work.

Reading it made me feel as though I wasn't alone in some of my thoughts and the situations that I'd previously found myself in.

Confidence, that's what I took away from this book.

There was a real sense of empowerment buzzing through the pages. The ideas contained within it are both practical and achievable. Accessible to anyone who chooses to read it.

With 27 relevant, proven resilience-building techniques you can quickly and easily practise at home or at work.

I'm not saying that it will immediately change your life but it will without a doubt give you a different perspective on things.

I know I'm not alone in feeling like things have been out of my control in recent months, The Really Resilient Guide has made me see that actually I can have more authority over certain situations if I put my mind to it.

You can of course buy the book here.

Please do follow the rest of the blog tour below for more reviews and insights into the book:


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