Thursday 13 May 2021

We Go On Forever by Sarah Govett Blog Tour

 The dystopian genre is one that I have always loved. 

Ideas and concepts about all things futuristic always intrigue me. Especially when I feel like the things suggested could become a reality.

Sarah Govett is an author who writes with a great passion, her books are always highly original and it is no different with her latest story, We Go On Forever.


Arthur is dying. He must transition within the next four weeks or face permanent memory loss. Alba is studying, preparing to impress the Mentors in an all-important interview. If she’s picked as the next Apprentice she will be reunited with her best friend and cross the Wilderness for the first time.

They meet and everything comes together. And everything falls apart.

Alba, who is a teenager living in what appears to be a secluded I guess you'd say school with others seemingly like her, believes that she is one of not very many who remains  in a safe area on a radioactive post-event Earth know as The Wilderness.

Her only chance of leaving is to be chosen by a mentor who she'll then work alongside, sort of like a rehabilitation into a more normal life.

Arthur, who is also a teenager, is living a completely different life to Alba. He has just found out he has a tumour and now he is preparing to transition within the next few weeks. But unlike Alba, he knows what this means. 

You see those like Alba will never really see the outside world, in reality they are seen as bodies being prepared for other humans to move into if and when they choose them as their new vessel - I guess is how I'd describe the process.

It means that some humans (the wealthiest) can essentially live on forever, their minds being injected into new bodies when their current form fails them.

From the award winning author of The Territory series.

This is a dystopian novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It is highly unique.

Refreshingly, I didn't find myself comparing it to other books of a similar genre. A story that stands out on its own.

Fairly short in length, this is a well paced tale told from two POV, Arthur and Alba.

Both characters are well rounded, intelligent, curious. Similar in their thoughts yet live completely different lives.


In a world where you can choose to 'transition' and carry on living in someone else's body, the idea of living forever perhaps isn't as appealing as it once was when that concept seemed but a dream. It made me look at 'human connection' in a different way.

I'd say this is a sort of love story, not quite tragic but not all hearts and flowers either.

We Go On Forever is for want of a better word, addictive.

I felt excitement as I read and ok I didn't want it to go on forever (see what I did there), however I would like to see another instalment.

Without giving away the ending, I'm intrigued to see where a certain character might journey to as they continue to live and thrive.

An intriguing and thrilling novel. 

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