Thursday 16 June 2022

The Book of Stolen Dreams - Cover Reveal and Extract

 My daughter and I absolutely loved reading The Book of Stolen Dreams so I was thrilled when I was asked to take part in the cover reveal for the paperback version.

Check it out, you need to be a part of this amazing adventure!

And not only can I share with you the cover, I can also provide you with a brilliant extract to read too.

Check it out below:


If you are reading this book, or if someone is reading it to

you, you will know we are living in strange times.

A shadow has passed over the land of Krasnia. And

people are afraid.

The shadow has a name. It is President Charles Malstain.

He came from nowhere and now he is in control of


You cannot fight him. Not if you value your life.

You cannot persuade him. Not if you value your tongue.

You can only stay and suffer – or flee.

Look up!

High in the night sky there is a great silver airship. The

airship is heading west over the ocean. It is called the Pegasus.

It is taking desperate fugitives away from Krasnia, from the

cruel control of Charles Malstain to the welcoming arms of

a foreign city – Port Clement.

Look closer, through the windows into the airship’s

first-class compartments. Those sad, lonely faces. They are

leaving loved ones behind. Will they ever see them again?

Now move your gaze lower. Down through the shadows,

past steel girders and ladders, to the second-class deck. It is

open to the winds and bitterly cold. A single lantern at each

corner barely produces a glow to ease the darkness. Thin

grey blankets drape over thinner shoulders, hats are thrust

down over ears.

Look closer still. Can you see a figure standing alone on

the far corner, looking out into the night?

A girl!

She is twelve years old. She is skinny, she has dark hair

and a freckled nose. She has fingerless gloves, carries a

strangely elegant small travelling bag and she wears a worn

woollen coat, under which is a red checked shirt, a grey

jumper, and trousers that seem more likely to belong to a

boy. Her black leather shoes are a size too big and could do

with a clean.

And now look. There is another figure approaching her

across the deck. Oh no. Is she in danger?

The man is slight, dressed in a shabby suit that no longer

fits him. In his left hand he carries a battered violin case

wrapped in a blanket.

And unless Rachel Klein is very much mistaken, he 

seems to have a penguin on his head.

Out on the 1st of September, you can pre-order your copy now.

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