Sunday 26 June 2022

The Guest House by Robin Morgan-Bentley Blog Tour

 I'm quite partial to a psychological thriller these days and I'm even more agreeable if it happens to be written by authors I love. 

Now the latest blog tour that I've joined is for Robin Morgan-Bentley's novel The Guest House. I have to admit that I hadn't had the privilege of reading any of his books but when I saw it described as perfect for fans of Lucy Foley (hand firmly up) then I was more than a little intrigued.

And . . .

It didn't disappoint.


With a few weeks to go until their first baby is due, Jamie and Victoria head off for a weekend break in a small countryside guesthouse.

The next morning, Jamie and Victoria awake to find the guesthouse has been emptied. Both their mobile phones and their car keys have disappeared, the owners are nowhere to be seen, and all the doors are locked. Even though it's a few weeks early, Victoria knows the contractions are starting. And there's no way out...

I actually tweeted the author when I was part way through reading the story that I was firmly on the edge of my seat.

It's all quite chilling right from the first chapter.

Jamie and Victoria appear to be a rather normal couple, who arrive at a remote guest house just a few weeks before their first baby is due. However what was meant to be a short and relaxing break turns into something much less like a holiday and more like a prison stay. 

Upon arrival they are greeted by the owners Fiona and Barry, a nice enough couple that kindly offer dinner after such a long drive.  The atmosphere even at this point felt heavy and aboding. 

After a nights sleep - just as they're supposed to be beginning to soak up the peace and quiet -Victoria goes into labour but their phones have vanished, the car keys are missing and they've been locked in. Where are Barry and Fiona and how are they going to get to the nearest hospital?

Time to start panicking.

I'd say it's obvious from the tone of my post but let me say it plainly, I loved this book.

An obscure plot told from 2 main points of view, Victoria and Jamie. It's written in a way that takes us from past to present, slowly filling in the gaps. Only letting us as the reader know small details, cleverly keeping the suspense at an all time high.

What happened at that guest house? 

Where is baby Danny? 

And just how did Jamie and Victoria make it out alive?

All is not as it first appears. Cleverly plotted, I really enjoyed the twists, right until the very end. Prepare to be left with your mouth wide open. The whole time I was reading I felt desperation. Victoria's emotions were erratic and at times irrational and this for me really added to the tension.

My only negative thought is that I didn't warm to Fiona as a character, quite two dimensional, flat, given the circumstances. But the rest of the cast were able to make the story work still.

The Guest House has me not wanting to go to any Air B&Bs any time soon!

Highly recommended.


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