Thursday 15 September 2022

A Chance in a Million by T. A. Williams Blog Tour

 You must be aware by now just how much I love T. A. Williams' books. You can look at my previous reviews here

And now I'm back on the blog tour for his latest release, A Chance in a Million. SPOILER ALERT, it's a corker! 


Having left the army to recover from a traumatic experience, Captain Jane Reed is on her way to Venice to assist Lady Veronica Cooper, a world-famous writer who has lost her mojo. Plagued by grief and sleepless nights, Jane soon finds a kindred spirit in Veronica, coping with her own loss after the death of her husband.

When the two relocate to Veronica’s villa in the countryside to escape the summer tourists, Jane meets the rest of the Cooper family – including Veronica’s brooding son, David. With his own tragic past, David has resigned himself to a life of solitude. Jane finds herself determined to bring joy back into his life, even if it means finally spilling her secrets.

Can Jane and David help each other heal, and find love in the process, or are some scars too deep to treat?

Just like his previous stories, this book is perfect escapism.

It's a tale of love with a bit of drama thrown in for good measure.

Despite writing so many books, this one still remained a stand out in its own right. 

Williams has a unique writing style but he manages to make each story very distinctive and A Chance in a Million was no exception to this.

In this novel we are introduced to Jane, who after experience extreme trauma whilst in the army, is looking for I guess a distraction whilst also aiming to start a career as an author herself. So what better job than assisting famous write Lady Veronica Cooper.

Whilst easy to read, he doesn't shy away from the harder hitting moments. It's all very realistic but quite gentle in its delivery. 

There is exploration of grief and tragedy.

With a cast of characters who are all dealing with something, they're broken but looking to be healed.

As with all Williams' novels, there is some wonderful descriptions of the scenery. Once again I wish I could be whisked away. The surroundings become a sort of additional character as they really add a certain depth to the story.

Engaging storyline and enough romance to make you swoon.

I loved it all.

If you're looking for books with guaranteed happy endings, look no further.

Cannot wait for the next release!

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