Saturday 17 September 2022

The Rise by Shari Low and Ross King Blog Tour

 What do you get when you put two fantastic people together?

One epic book would be the answer.

Shari Low and Ross King have combined their expertise to create The Rise, spoiler alert, it's a story you won't want to miss.


Their rise was meteoric.

Only a few years before, they had been three friends from Glasgow, trying to survive in a world of danger and dysfunction.

Suddenly they were thrust on to the world’s biggest stage, accepting an Oscar in front of the watching world.

That night was the beginning of their careers. But it was the end of their friendships.

Over the next twenty years, Mirren McLean would become one of the most powerful writers in the industry.

Zander Leith would break box-office records as cinema’s most in-demand action hero.

And Davie Johnson would break the bank, raking in millions as producer of some of the biggest shows on TV.

For two decades they didn’t speak, driven apart by a horrific secret.

Until now…

Their past is coming back to bite them, and they have to decide whether to run, hide, or fight.

Because when you rise to the top, there’s always someone who wants to see you fall... 

A tale of friendship.

A story flooded with lies and deception.

It's not always fun at the top!

I loved this book.

Entertaining from start to finish.

We are shown the not so glamorous side of Hollywood life. The darker aspects of what comes with being famous.

Told from four points of view.

The three estranged friends and the reporter trying to bring their past into the present.

Scandalous is how I'd describe this story.

A great combination of mystery and drama, with an abundance of secrets, as the reader I felt like I was getting whiplash from the amount of twists and turns thrown in.


I really enjoyed the fact that each character had equal presence within the book, their backstories showing that in one way or another, that they were all tied to each other. Refreshing also to see that they were flawed/broken in some way. 

Deliciously dramatic.

I was utterly seduced by the glitz and glamour of it all.

And also completely taken by the journey that each character was on, battling their own personal demons whilst trying to keep presenting that perfect image of life to their fans.

Money and fame don't automatically mean happiness.

Hope these two choose to write more stories together, I'll be waiting impatiently for them to be released.

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