Wednesday 25 September 2013

Little Artists

Elise, Freya and Gracie are all very creative and one of the things they love doing is drawing pictures, the other day they were each creating images about films, it was nice seeing the different ways they interpreted that theme :

First up we have Elise's (7) picture,

She didn't pick out a specific movie, instead she focused on what where and how we watch these films.

Next up is Freya's (5) picture,

She chose to draw Ariel from her favourite film, The Little Mermaid.

And lastly we have Gracie's (3) picture,

She decided to make up her own movie called "Where's my mum?"

It is lovely to see how their imaginations work and how different each of their drawing styles are. Do your children like creating pictures, what are their favourite things to draw??


Ethans Escapades


  1. My daughter is obsessed with drawing cats - cats eating lunch, cats giving presents, cats in bed, cats with broken arms, pirate cats and yesterday we got a cat in a ghost costume. Her school report even mentioned how much she likes to draw cats!

  2. Those drawings are fab! Looks like they have brilliant imaginations x

    1. they really do, the stories they come up with are impressive too lol

  3. What great artists you have there

  4. I'm particularly impressed by Gracie's picture!
    (On a side note I totally misread your title as "little arsonists" - not necessarily such a great achievement haha)

    1. haha I can't say I would be as proud about that ;) x

  5. I love how they have all drawn something different for the same subject. WOW for Gracie's picture, I wouldn't have thought a three year old could draw like that. Some lovely artworks to keep.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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