Wednesday 3 September 2014

Getting Creative With Nestle

A couple of months ago I was set a challenge by Nestle Cereals, I had to write a breakfast diary for a week to show what my families breakfast habits were like and whether they needed improving.

Now Nestle Cereals made choosing what to have for breakfast easy because the green banners on the top of each of their boxes let us know that they contain wholegrain as well as at least six other vitamins and minerals.

nestle cereals

Well this month Nestle cereals have set some bloggers a new task, this time we need to get creative, you know Blue Peter style i.e. here's one I made earlier.

We were sent a list of activities that we could try, of course my girls being little food monsters opted to make the Cheerios Frozen Bananas.

What you'll need :

* 6 Lolly Sticks

* 3 Large Bananas cut in half

* Yoghurt in the flavour of your choice

* Cheerios

* Grease Proof Paper

* Baking Tray

Firstly place the grease proof paper on the baking tray.

Push a lolly stick into the bottom of each halved banana.

Dip each banana into the yoghurt of your choice. We had three different flavours, peach, strawberry and cherry.

Then roll each banana in the cheerios. Again we mixed it up a little and used not only cheerios but coco pops too.

Finally place them on the baking tray and put them in the freezer for around an hour to set.

frozen banana pops

Now there are plenty of other things you can make not only with the cereal itself but the boxes too, Nestle Cereals have a few suggestions :

Shredded Wheat Edible Nests
Seed Starters
Making A Board Game

Then of course there is the classic thing to do with cardboard boxes, make robots….

nestle cereal robot

What would you and your family create??


Disclaimer : I was sent boxes of cereal in exchange for this post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Fab ideas, I bet my daughter would love those banana lollies, three of her favourite foods in one! x


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