Friday 17 October 2014

Autumnal Sensory Walk

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. There are so many things to be seen and to be discovered. And what better way to explore than going on a sensory walk.

autumnal sensory walk

So what do you need?

Well I suggest you pop on some wellies, a warm coat and have a carrier bag handy to put in any items that you might find and like to take home.

Then all that is needed is…. you.

Using your eyes, ears, nose and hands, have fun exploring your surroundings.

The girls and I went out for a stroll last weekend and managed to discover many things.

We saw BIG puddles which of course had to be jumped in.

We touched creepy crawlies including snails, slugs and worms.

creepy crawlies

We smelt the beautiful flowers.

We heard quacking and soon discovered ducks in the river.

ducks in the river dour

We felt bumps on the floor and bricks on the buildings.

We saw what nature made, leaves, berries, conkers.

signs of autumn

Along the way we felt different textures : wet, slimy, rough, bumpy, smooth, spiky.

We heard different sounds : birds tweeting, the river running, ducks quacking, cars whizzing past.

We saw so much : different colours, creatures of different sizes, spider webs, leaves falling from the trees.

We smelt different scents : pollen from the flowers, the smell of the rain hitting the ground.

And the fun doesn't have to stop when you arrive back home.

Why not draw all of the things you've discovered, perhaps make a picture sticking on the items from your bag, you could even do some rubbings with the leaves you've found.

The possibilities are endless.

Have you been on a sensory walk yet? What have you discovered and learn about?



  1. Looks like a lovely thing to do, even on a rainy day! #pocolo

  2. A wonderful sensory walk and I love the getting stuck in with the creepy crawlies too, such a wonderful time of year to see, feel and smell all that is around us in nature. Hope you will join me for Country Kids tomorrow

  3. What a beautiful idea. I think that Autumn has to be the season for the biggest variety of creatures, leaves, berries and nuts. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  4. That's so sweet! I must say I've never thought of going on a sensory walk (and of course my kids are too old for it now anyway), but I think they do naturally do some of these things when we're out walking anyway.

  5. A great way to see the great outdoors and keep the kids busy! Fab post. There are so many slugs and snails around....yuck! x #CountryKids

  6. They are brave almost touching that slug...Looks like a lot of fun was had.


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