Wednesday 17 December 2014

Superphoto Review

I've mentioned previously that I take an awful lot of photos, all of which are currently stored on my phone. The trouble is, I never get around to getting them printed out but I do like to have the chance to sit and look through them.

I was asked in August whether I'd like to review a photobook from Superphoto. I was grateful for the opportunity and was already thinking about which photos I could include.

The photobook which I was asked to review was their landscape 20 x 15 cm worth £9.99

I ran into some issues in the beginning because the software wasn't loading on Safari so I had to switch to Chrome however I'm told this should no longer be a problem.

After the initial problems, I found the process of making the photobook fairly simple. Uploading photos was a quick thing to do. It was a simple drag and drop system to place your pictures where I wanted them. I was able to pick different colour borders, adjust the size and zoom of the photos and add text if I wanted, all lovely features.

I opted to put just one picture per page but another appealing feature is that you can add more than one photo to each page if you want to, making collages over the pages.

The company ran into problems when printing the first batch of books, the process actually took over 2 months, being honest, when the product arrived I had completely forgot that I'd ordered it. Superphoto have reassured me that they are now all systems go and you should receive your order around 5 days after ordering.

Onto the photobook itself.

The postives : Lovely glossy pages, pictures are evenly placed, the colours for borders are wonderfully vibrant.

The negatives : A lot of my photos when printed appeared dull, grainy or blurry, now I know I take my pictures on my phone but this has never been a problem before, even when printing onto larger canvases the pictures still come out clearly so I was disappointed with the overall finish.

In conclusion, Superphoto photobooks are reasonably priced, their website is user friendly and making the books is an easy process. I would just recommend that you make sure the pictures you are choosing are of high resolution to make sure that you get the finish that you want.


Disclaimer : I was sent this photobook FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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