Friday 27 March 2015

To Chop Or Not To Chop, That's The Question!

To chop or not chop that is the question!! It seems to have been the trend over the past year to go from super long hair to medium/shoulder length hair, atleast for the celebrities among us anyway.

Me, I've gone from long to short more times than I can count. I remember when I was around 10 years old that my hair was actually past my bum and I went ahead and chopped it all off, well almost all, I ended up with a below chin length bob. Quite extreme, something I certainly regretted after doing it.

The collage below shows a few styles I've rocked been seen with over the years. It was actually after posting my first ever profile picture on FB the other week that I started considering a change, a few friends commented on how nice my hair had looked, it's the second one down on the right on the picture below.

I don't tend to follow the trends, although I do admit to having to 'pob' at one point in my life, my problem is that I get bored.

This used to be solved by dying my hair different colours, again see picture above, some of my choices weren't the best shall we say however after spending 4 years getting my hair back to it's natural state, I no longer want to go with this option, leaving me with the rather serious dilemma of whether to get a hair cut and how short to go.

Currently my hair is sitting just above my waistline. The last time I had my hair cut was July last year when I bravely had 5 inches cut off, all of which has now grown back and probably a little bit more.

You can see from my pinterest board below that I have been toying with the idea of a just below shoulder length style. Something that is managable but I'd be able to put my hair up if I wanted to.

Follow Mama Mummy's board Hair Style Ideas on Pinterest.

My trouble, I've lost my nerve. I'm not sure if I will end up like my 10 year old self, seriously regretting taking the plunge.

Is a change as good as the rest? What do you lot think, just a trim or a major makeover? Help me decide.



  1. I'm probably not the one to ask as I've I've sported the same long curly locks forever!
    However, I do hate when it gets scraggly and then go in with the scissors and my hair always looks healthier afterwards.
    If you cut it, what's the worst that can happen?
    Janie x

  2. I've had my hair short for years so maybe not the best expert but I found I can do so much more this way than when it's long and too heavy/thick. Plus it's easier to play with colour that way :) And if you hate it, it'll always grow back!


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